Wells Fargo - Loan Pipeline
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Wells Fargo - Loan Pipeline page

I built out a Rich Internet Application UI for the Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage group. The internal application provided a web-based solution for the group's Loan Originator and Underwriter teams. The solution was process driven and I delivered (with some help during peak times) the complete set of pages.

Key points

  • I created this page as the main index "portal" entry page for working with Deals.
  • Leveraged and improved upon Wells Fargo style library - of look and feel and site behaviors/actions.
  • Worked closely with Designers and Business Analysts as well as back-end team.
  • Introduced Yahoo User Interface Library solutions to the project.
  • JSP based solution
  • Extensive CSS and Javascript library additions and improvements.
  • The front-end team (me as lead, usually one person helping, sometimes more) built about 50 such pages that comprised the UI of the solution for Loan Originator and Underwriter userbase. But these three pages give a good idea of what they all basically look like. Leveraged existing page constructs where it made sense.