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Apisphere Scripts IDE

This page lets users/developers use a full-blown web-based IDE to create/edit/test Apisphere scripts.

Key points

  • I built the IDE over several sprints in the Agile Process being used.
  • Careful attention to Browser compatibility from beginning assessment and upon adding each component.
  • Yahoo User Interface Library's Layout Mgr (to achieve the resizeable/draggable screen regions).
  • Yahoo User Interface Library's Tree View.
  • AJAX with JSON payload used in a number of places - for instance Script|Save, Script|Open and Script|Test.
  • 3rd Party color syntax editor (replaced boring text box).
  • Also - JSP FreeMarker tags for display of dynamic data. Resin app server. MySQL database. Subversion source control.
  • Object Oriented Javascript for each component on the page. Kept separate - with properties and methods.
  • Page is CSS positioned and styled. Actual JSP page is very light. Most code in JS/CSS libraries.
  • Many challenges were solved to produce this working web-based IDE. Often vexing browser specific issues.